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Most businesses know that video marketing is an incredibly powerful form of marketing. Have you implemented this strategy into your marketing campaign yet? Why is it absolutely critical to use video in your marketing campaigns.

Videos Are Taking The Internet By Storm

To keep up with your competition, you have to keep up with trends. With the ever increasing use of Instagram & YouTube in business, videos are dominating the internet. Consider the following statistics to see how in demand videos are:

– YouTube states that it receives approximately five billion views on a daily basis.

– According to, 25 percent of internet users watch video on a daily basis.

If you consistently release videos to promote your product or service, you truly stay ahead of the curve. Your exposure to consumers is virtually unlimited. This is especially true if you use social media platforms in your promotional efforts.

Videos Can Be Shared Instantly

Social media platforms are well-known for offering the ability to quickly share content. Facebook’s Share button allows users to promote a video in mere seconds. It takes the same amount of time to Tweet a video link or upload a video clip to Instagram.

With the right video marketing strategies, you can quickly broadcast your product or service to millions of people per day. With a mere click or two, consumers can share your video with their social networks. If your business uses shareable videos for marketing, you can spread your message almost instantly.

Videos Are More Entertaining And Engaging

Text based advertisement is becoming rapidly outdated. While it can still be effective, it may simply not hold interest the way videos do. Videos allow you to entertain consumers while also engaging them. You can customize your video marketing content to cater to your target niche. Once again, several statistics support the idea that video marketing is enticing to consumers.

– According to, consumers are willing to spend two minutes or more watching education videos that are about products they intend to buy.

– ReelSEO states that 34 percent of clothing shoppers will likely purchase a clothing item after seeing a video advertisement. In contrast, only 16 percent of clothing shoppers will do so after seeing a written advertisement.

– Dr. James McQuiveym, an analyst from Forrester Research says that one minute of video advertising equates to 1.8 million written words. This certainly puts the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” into perspective.

Aside from these solid statistics, consider your own experiences and preferences with watching videos online. Would you rather read a movie summary or watch a thrilling trailer for the film? Would you prefer to read about your favorite clothing lines new release or would you enjoy a music-filled ad with colorful designs? To put it simply, video is just more interesting than text. Use this to your advantage when marketing.

Getting Assistance With Using Video In Your Marketing Campaigns

If you are inexperienced with video marketing, you may feel hesitant to begin using it. If this is the case, seek professional assistance for video creation and marketing. Like many other forms of marketing, the return on investment for videos is high. Additionally, videos are search engine friendly just like written content.

Overall, there are dozens of reasons why you should be using video marketing for your business. Consider the information provided here to become inspired to start implementing video into your marketing strategy as soon as possible.