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If you’re like most marketers, coming up with interesting and stimulating subjects for blogs and social media posts is challenging, as you need to produce new content so very regularly.

Here we have listed 6 top tips to help keep the messaging creative juices flowing and ensure that you’re never short of an idea for your next post.

 Use your day to day experiences as content ideas

People love to learn from the experience of others so create content from conversations you may have, exhibitions, conferences and events you attend, business successes you achieve and also mistakes you’ve made and the lessons learnt from them.

Use all different forms of content

When you really cannot think of anything to write switch to other type of content that will be of interest to your followers. Videos, webcasts, infographics, and other visuals do well on Social Media.

Use your Keyword list as a guide to content ideas

Using a keyword list will help you come up with fresh content ideas. The list used for your company website would be a good starting point. You can cover each topic over a period of time. As we all know Google changes its search algorithms all the time so keywords should be measured for their effectiveness regularly and amended and tweaked accordingly. Plus as your products and services develop you should be adding them to your keywords list. This means you should always have a fresh list of topics to cover!

 Use other articles and news stories relevant to your audience

Search the web for articles and news stories related to your offering. Subscribe to relevant news sites. Find the articles and posts that you believe will be of interest to your readers and share them along with your opinions and comments. Sharing great content from trusted, reputable sources can position you as an information resource for your audience. You can use how-tos and top tips articles which have already been posted and turn them into infographics. Be sure to attribute the content to their rightful source.

 Set Up Google Alerts

Discover what the world is saying about you and use this as the basis for content for Social Media posts. Certainly if the coverage is positive it’s worth sharing on Facebook.

 Use your Social Media to generate ideas for further content

Run surveys and ask questions on your social media using the results as the content for future posts.

Join LinkedIn groups and Facebook Groups and see what hot topics are at the centre of discussions and use these as content ideas.

Hopefully these tips will give you ideas to keep the content flowing. But if all else fails ask other people to contribute to your blog; Invite guest posts, use freelancers or even ask an agency to maintain it for you…