Search engine optimisation

Reap the benefits of a strong search engine ranking.

SEO is about ensuring your website is easily found by getting to the top of search engines results and, more importantly, staying there. SEO is driven by ever-changing search engine algorithms, from social influence to local search relevancy. But above all it’s driven by content marketing, and employing your keywords strategically throughout your content.

Here at Protean Inbound we offer bespoke SEO services employing a wide range of technical analysis processes to help identify weak points in your website. We look to improve your calls to action, reduce any confusing parts of website navigation and to help drive down bounce rates.

We optimise your content, either by suggesting changes to your existing content to render it more effective, or we create additional specific elements (landing pages, articles, etc.).

We believe you should never prioritise content manipulation over content – there’s a healthy balance that can, and should, be achieved. Experience has shown that this is the best way to keep both humans and search engine robots, happy!


You can read more about this in our free download, SEO 101.

Want to know how our SEO expertise can enhance your web traffic?

our seo services

Keyword/phrase research and evaluation

Ongoing SEO maintenance to maintain & develop positive search performance

Monthly SEO reports detailing your performance in search engine rankings, fluctuations & movement

SEO copywriting

Creation of search-engine-friendly structures for websites

SEO consultancy; delivering advice and guidance on SEO strategies going forward