Technical PR

Technical PR

Protean is a modern PR agency for technology-focused companies. Whether you are looking for strategic insight or tactical deliverables, UK programmes or international campaigns, we can work as part of your integrated marketing mix or as a standalone PR partner.

Our PR offering is built around the traditional PR values of reach and influence, yet as an integrated marketing company we also help our clients generate attention and engagement through many other forms of content marketing, following through the full sales journey to help create and convert leads.

We really understand engineers: where they look for information, the content that appeals to them, how they make decisions. As a result, we’re able to create great content for you without unduly burdening your valuable engineering resources.

We have helped our clients to become established and commercially successful in a wide range of sectors but our core experience is:

• Automation: Machine Vision, PLCs, Sensors, Pneumatic Drives
• Clean technologies: Fuel Cell Components, Solar PV, Power Systems
• IT Consultancy & Software Development
• Electronics: Manufacturing, Production Equipment & Consumables, Test, Semiconductors, Passives
• Engineering: Inspection, Castings, Coatings, Artificial Joints
• Lighting: LEDs

As well as telling your story in a compelling way to grab the attention of editors and journalists, our service includes media list management, release and reporting.

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